Being Your Own (Gym)Boss

Being Your Own (Gym)Boss

Have you ever had fantasies of starting your own business? being the independent person you’ve always meant to be, striking it out on your own, making your own schedule? Who hasn’t… and its all well and good until you’ve blown through your savings, nothing is as you thought it would be, and you’ve completely forgotten why you left your job in the first place. What was missing is structure, a schedule, having a purpose… principles that also apply to a successful gym routine. And if its anything I’ve learned from a fitness perspective in the 2020 Corona crisis is that gym time is precious.

Once my local gym reopened after the first wave, it was on a limited scale. Workout periods were for one hour sessions, the gym then would close for 30 mins to clean, reopen for an hour and the cycle would repeat throughout the day until closing time at 10pm. So one thing it emphasized for me was that my time to get in my cardio, weights, and stretching became finite. No time to fidget with your iTunes trying to find just the right playlist. You got in and got down to business. Structure was key! How do you build structure into a workout? Maximizing use of your TIME. A great way to keep your HIIT workouts, or any type of interval training on track and your heart rate up is using a timer… namely, my favorite, Gym Boss.

Compact and lightweight with a big digital readout, the GymBoss interval timer clips to your waistband. It allows you to set notifications when its time to move on to another excercise or take a break. From simple to complex, Crossfit to Yoga routines, you program how long you want to work and the interval and let the timer do the rest. Some versions are more complex than others, but all you need to get you started is what time interval you want, how long of a break, and how many intervals. That’s it! Give this kettlebell routine a try and let me know what you think… enjoy!

Alternating Kettebell swing, 30 seconds, 15 secs rest

Walking Lunge, 30 seconds, 10 secs rest

Jump rope, 60 seconds, 15 secs rest

Repeat 6 times

Perfect for: HIIT, Intervals, Weight Training, Running

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